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 The Necrim

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PostSubject: The Necrim   Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:20 pm


Not much is known about the fabled race of warriors called the Necrim. They are told to have originated in the violent and unexplored wilderness of Dalmasca, but not much more than legends have been told about these giants since there have only ever been 4 on Archenia, and one of them was killed in a war many years ago, leaving 3. All 3 of the known Necrim have no memory of their homelands or their lives on Dalmasca, they just remember that they come from that continent and that they were bred to be fighters. The people of Archenia (the more superstitious people of Archenia) say that these Necrim are what some historians described as Half-Angel, Half-Demon, being spawns of one parent of each. Those half-breeds in fables of old helped singlehandedly win wars for whichever side they fought for, so it is no wonder that the nations of modern times are constantly either trying to recruit them or kill them. Their appearances vary. One of them has demonic horns, while another is covered in black fur from head to toe, and the other looks almost completely human (apart for his size), so not much is known to whether or not they have key features.

Life expectancy - Long (1000+ Years, none have died of old age)
Height - Very Tall (9-11 ft.)
Traits - +2 Strength, -2 Speed, +2 Endurance
Ability - Hands of the Deliverer: After incapacitating an enemy (not killing them), the Necrim places one of their three-fingered hands on the forehead of their foe, and condemns them to either heaven or hell. It is not known whether or not their victims ACTUALLY go to heaven or hell, but they do disappear without a trace. Most people think that the person just dissipates due to magic or something more explainable, but there is an otherworldly presence when a Necrim performs this rite.
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The Necrim
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