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 The Spirit Hosts

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PostSubject: The Spirit Hosts   Mon Aug 12, 2013 2:47 am

Spirit Hosts

This is the class that characterizes the average member of the Xiron tribe. The Xiron tribe is a nomadic group of warriors with an unparalleled willpower to most people on the continent of Archenia. They are a proud group of people that begin physical training at the age of 6 and undergo the ritual to be inducted as a member of the tribe at the age of 16 and show no remorse or pity for the weak. The tribe is strict in maintaining the power in their members so they began a ritual in which they seal a spirit, be it benevolent or malevolent into a specially crafted katana which is given to a person of age. When given the blade the spirit attacks the initiate and forms a brand somewhere on their body to try and secure a foothold in the host. The brands location is completely random and its color is dependent of the spirit in the blade, black for a malevolent spirit and yellow for a benevolent. Only those with a strong enough will are able to hold off the spirit from completely devouring their body. Those that succeed now belong to the spirit host class. The Xiron are not completely against outsiders taking this ritual but they first must prove their strength by dueling one of their higher leveled members.

Traits: They are only capable of using one kind of weapon, and that weapon is the evolving katana that they are given during the induction ritual. This katana is living in a sense that as the wielder grows stronger from combat it too, unlike most weapons, gets stronger. The katana starts at rank 1 on the hardness scale as well as the user being a level 1 Spirit Host. For every level the user goes up in this class the katana as well levels up to a step up on the hardness scale. The evolution of the sword stops at level 5 but the user himself will continue to level up.

Play Style: The Spirit Hosts are warriors of immense willpower and will constantly fight to defend what they believe in to their grave. They almost always fight with their katana but being that they underwent years of conditioning it isn't unheard of to see one dabble in unarmed combat. Most spirit hosts rely heavily on speed and agility to dodge attacks and to make clean kills with their long blade.

Weapon(s): Spirit Possessed Katana

Promotes To: Spirit Manipulators



Weapon Name:


Spirit Type: (The options are Malevolent spirit which is a spirit that's primary goal is to devour you and free itself which you must learn to gain control over, or Benevolent which is a spirit that isn't necessarily evil but it believes it is higher than being controlled by a mere mortal and you must learn to be able to get it to work with you instead of against you.)

[center][size=24]*EXCLUSIVE WEAPON*[/size][/center]


[b]Weapon Name:[/b]


[b]Spirit Type:[/b]
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The Spirit Hosts
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