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 Level Up Rules: Read Before Posting

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PostSubject: Level Up Rules: Read Before Posting   Mon Aug 05, 2013 2:49 am

 In order to become a stronger character in whichever class you've chosen, you need to level up. By leveling up, you get a certain amount of points to spend in your character's stats. You spend these points by placing them in your character's own "Level Up" topic posted here in the Leveling Up forum. Well, here's what you need to know about leveling up.

Importance of Leveling Up

You don't want to be stuck in the same class forever, right?

In order to rank up to a Second Tier Class, you have to be level 10.

To know which Second Tier Class(es) your class ranks up into, simply check out your class's data page in the "Manuscript of Knowledge" forum category on the home page.

(Keep in mind you can level up past level 10 and may keep adding stats per level you gain without promoting to a new class if you choose not to apply for one)

How to Level Up

Leveling up sounds pretty sweet, right? Sure. But every Assassin had to work his way up from a lowly Thief at some point (Or Myrmidon if you're one of those people).

In order to level up, you must post one 500 word training topic.

This training topic can be about anything and can count towards your weapon training, spell training, mount training, or anything else you need to train for.

Keep in mind, you can only level up once per 4 days (that's once every 4 days in case I didn't make myself clear), so don't go trying to post a bunch of level up training topics that won't even count towards leveling since you've already used one for the week.

Rules of Leveling

Here are some quick rules.

1. Everyone starts out at level 1, even me and the staff members.

2. In order to level up for the first time, you must create a "<Insert Your Character's Name Here>'s Level Up Topic" in this forum. Each time you post to level up, you must pick which stats you're spending your points on and you must post a link to the training topic you want to use for the experience. A list of each stat can be found in the Stats System forum in the Manuscript of Knowledge category found on the Home page.

3. Everyone has 6 stat points to spend upon leveling up once. You may put off spending them and accumulate them over reaching more levels, but just keep in mind that that doesn't make much sense.

Go out there and reach new heights!
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Level Up Rules: Read Before Posting
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