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 The Laurelians

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PostSubject: The Laurelians   Sun Aug 11, 2013 6:51 am


The plant-people known as the Laurels are actually growing more and more closer to the population of humans, being quite a vastly growing community (no pun intended). They were developed a few centuries ago in a small tribe in a forest to the East. To the Laurelians, they began when the Tree of Life produced the first seed to grow into the first Laurelian. To the rest of civilized Archenia, this is an unsure truth, but it's really the only lead anyone has so it has been accepted. The Laurelians are generally peaceful, and many take up homes where there is no war, but they have their share of warriors as well. The Laurelians are humanoid, and their bodies are composed very similarly to humans, everything just grows as a plant (Plant veins and bones, walls of organs made from plant, etc), and their vital spots are still the same. The Laurelians never eat meat, and because of this Laurelians can be very rarely found in the great halls of Grunwald.

Life expectancy - Extended (Around 200 years)
Height - Average (5-7 ft.)
Traits - +1 Agility, +1 Speed
Ability - Enrooted: When walking on any plant (grass, weeds, or anything like that, usually through forests or meadows) Laurelians gain +4 to Speed
                 - Song of the Seed: Laurelians can sing plants to life, and any animals to sleep (does not work on intelligent races).
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The Laurelians
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