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 Rules About Magic

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PostSubject: Rules About Magic   Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:48 am

Here are some rules and details about using Magic as a weapon:


- Prices for Spells and Tomes will ALWAYS be more expensive than regular weapons, because of the generality of the training levels.

- We have banned ALL dark magic from this website (Like Flux or Nosferatu from the games) because there is no way to gauge draining health from a victim. The same goes for healing staves, because it simply can't be gauged.

- Spells and Tomes all have a specific amount of uses before you have to re-buy it again from a shoppe to use it. This amount varies and will be described in the chart after these rules.

- Tomes differ from Spells in that a Tome is a book of various spells (maximum of 3, much more expensive). A Spell is a book containing only one spell.

- The damage caused by spells is gauged by 3 loose ranks which will also be explained in the chart below, and in order to use higher ranked spells, you need to train in spellcraft. All classes that have the ability to "Use magic" as described in that class's page start off with the ability to use all Basic rank spells. You can train in a 1,000 word topic once per 7 days to use the next tier of spell. (In total there are 5 ranks) Simply put which rank you can use in the "Magic" section of your profile. If you can't use magic, fill that in with "N/A"

- The rank of your spell will be given to you in the spell's topic in your inventory or in the shoppe when you buy it, ranging from the letter E up to the letter A.

The Magic Chart

E - Basic spells. They do little damage more than simply disturbing the victim with minor pain. (Can cause 1st degree burns, push someone back a couple of feet, cause a slight shock or bruises) Speed varies from 10mph to 20mph

D - Average spells. They do a bit more damage than the most basic of tiers, causes normal damage. All spells of this tier start with the prefix: "El" (Example: Elwind, Elfire) (Can cause 2st degree burns, push someone back a couple of feet, cause a painful shock or severe bruises) Speed varies from 20mph to 35mph

C - Adept spells. They do a significant amount of damage and have a larger surface area than Average spells. All Adept spells start with the prefix: "Arc". (Example: Arcfire, Arclightning) (Can cause 2st degree burns, push someone back a lot, cause a painful shock or fracture bones) Speed varies from 30mph to 45mph

B - Advanced spells. They do a lot of damage, but usually trading off speed or size. (Can cause 3rd degree burns, push someone back several yards, cause a numbing shock or break bones) Speed and size vary, they contrast directly to one another.

A - Master spells. Only true masters of magic can use these, and they are even more pricey than the best weapons. They cause mass destruction with a massive surface area, and speed varies greatly.
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Rules About Magic
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