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 Rules About Weapons

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PostSubject: Rules About Weapons   Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:28 am

Most characters in this world use weapons to fight with, and there are certain rules you have to understand before going into a clash with another weapon.

Weapon Rules

- If the weapon you are using is within 2 points on the Hardness Scale of the other weapon, your weapon cannot break. If your weapon is 3 under theirs, your weapon will break after 8 clashes. If your weapon is 4 under theirs, your weapon breaks after 7 clashes, and so on and so forth.

- In order to use higher quality weapons, you need to do more than just buy the weapon, you have to train your ability to use the weapon. The hardness scale ranges from 1 to 10, and so does your talent with that weapon. They are one in the same. Your class page tells you which weapon(s) you are able to use and at which rank you can use them to start off with, and you are ALWAYS able to train yourself to use one additional weapon type. The training topics can be posted simply in your nation wherever you choose to train. They must be 300 words each, and after posting it you must post a link to your training topic in your character application, in which a Staff member will post if you're approved, and then you simply go to your profile to change the proper value to what you've earned. You may train one weapon once a day.

- To start training your one additional weapon, you post the exact same way you do to train a weapon normally, just with your new weapon. After your first topic, you add the weapon type to the "Weapons" section of your Profile and put the number "1" next to it. This does not apply to magic, ONLY magic classes can use magic, no one can learn it offhand.

- When training a weapon, the skill in the weapon equates to the level of hardness of that weapon you can use as well. (Ex: If you train to level two in a weapon, you can now use weapons on the second level of hardness.)
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Rules About Weapons
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